Friday, October 9, 2009

Fabulous Friday Finds

Every tree deserves a leaf, every child deserves a kiss, every apple deserves peanut butter (a delicious Fall snack), every cup deserves a cozy.

ALittleXtraSomething has definitely put her own creative twist on her "Beverage Cozies." These are not only handmade in adorable prints ranging from sports teams to seasons but they are adjustable. Use them on a hot or cold beverage...even a WINE GLASS :)! These are eco-friendly, very affordable, and can be made custom to suit your fancy.

Are you warming up to the idea of a steaming hot (maybe cold if you're warm blooded), frothy (or not!), sweet (atleast I prefer), cup o' _________??? I don't fill in the blank with your favorite and don't forget the cozy .

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